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Shany Professional 13-piece Cosmetic Brush Set

Posted in Shany Makeup Brushes on February 9th, 2018 by BestMakeupBrushes – Be the first to comment

SHANY professional 13 300x289 Shany Professional 13 piece Cosmetic Brush Set

The Shany professional 13-piece cosmetic brush set offers a lot of punch for very little cost.

The set includes 12 key brushes that are made from animal and synthetic hair which allows for makeup to be applied evenly and cleanly. In order to be able to store your brushes properly the brushes come in a handy pouch for easy storage. As the brushes are made from animal hair the tips are soft and silky on top and still firm and durable on the bottom.

Inside the brushes consist of two blusher brushes; one large, one medium, a fan brush, a mascara brush, one foundation brush, two concealer brushes, one is slightly longer then the other, an angled brush for lining the top of your eye lids, a small lip brush, a brow comb/brush and an applicator. Each brush is covered in a plastic covering but only four of the brushes have a strong plastic topper. To keep the shape of your lip brush, fan brush and blusher brushes I would advise that you keep the topper to keep the brushes in shape.

Shany offers a fantastic brush set that is cheap to buy, yet still remains of a extremely good quality. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on brand named brushes head over to Shany’s today.

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