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Sigma Essential Kit 12 Piece Professional Brush Set Review

Posted in Sigma Makeup on January 7th, 2018 by BestMakeupBrushes – Be the first to comment

Sigma Makeup Essential Kit 12 Piece Professional Brush Set Review

Sigma Makeup 12pcs. Professional Brush Set Sigma Essential Kit 12 Piece Professional Brush Set Review The Sigma Makeup 12 pcs. Professional Brush Set is an excellent kit for any make-up artist. Whether you need brushes for clients or for just yourself, this kit is complete with many types of brushes to achieve whatever look you desire.


This kit includes several brushes for use on the face and eyes. Some brushes, such as the large powder brush and the small angled brush, are made with natural bristles. Natural bristles are soft and gentle, allowing you to blend make-up products effortlessly. Natural bristles also hold powders in well, a quality that is especially important when applying loose or mineral make-up. Other brushes, like the foundation brush and the angled eyeliner brush, are made of synthetic bristles. Synthetic bristles are best used with liquid or gel based make-ups, such as liquid foundation or liquid eyeliner. These bristles keep the make-up on the surface and allow you to spread it across the area that you are working on, without clogging the brush itself. Other brushes are composed of a mix of synthetic and natural bristles, such as the large duo fiber brush, which can give you a flawless, airbrushed look. Sigma makeup brushes are made with the correct type of bristles for every area and technique.

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The Good:

  • Wide assortment of brushes
  • Each brush is clearly labeled
  • Great quality, brushes are soft and densely fibered
  • Good sized, easy hold in hand
  • Professional look
  • Excellent price

The Bad:

  • Bulky, only 1 brush is travel-sized
  • No brushes for lips
  • Brush bag/case does not protect the bristles
  • Some brushes may not be suitable for everyone (e.g. some of the eye brushes may be too large for some people)

These sigma makeup brushes are an excellent choice for anyone who is a current make-up user or for someone who may want to give make-up a try. Sigma has made it very easy for anyone to get started with this kit. Not only is the brush set nearly complete, but it is at an extremely affordable price. Many brands carry single brushes that cost as much as the Sigma Makeup 12 pcs. Professional Brush Set.


This Sigma makeup brush kit is a great kit to buy for any make-up fan. The brushes are of high quality and of a wide array. Whether you want to just touch up your face for the day or wear very dramatic make-up for the evening, this kit will surely have the brushes that you need. The price is extremely reasonable as well. This would make an excellent starter kit for anyone. Once you get the hang of using these brushes, you will be able to determine what you like and dislike and go from there. Professionals can start off with a kit like this and add on as they get more business. In the end, this brush kit definitely deserves a try.

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